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СЕТТЕР - интеллект и рассудительность


Порода формировалась в первой половине XIX столетия путем слияния различных по типу семей пегих и крапчатых сеттеров, разводившихся в Англии отдельными заводчиками. В России английские сеттеры появились в 70-х годах XIX столетия, главным образом из Англии. 

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Ирландский сеттер был выведен в Ирландии как рабочая собака для охоты на дичь. Эта порода происходит от Ирландского Красно-Белого Сеттера и от неизвестной собаки сплошного красного окраса. В XVIII веке этот тип собак был легко узнаваем.

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Это самый тяжелый среди сеттеров,
хорошо известный с 1860-х годов, но
обязанный популярностью четвертому
герцогу Гордону, разводившему черно-
подпалых сеттеров в своем замке в 20-х 
годах XVIII столетия.

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Кинология Общая

The Natural Pet Food Cookbook

The Natural Pet Food Cookbook

автор(ы): Healthful Recipes for Dogs & Cats

In writing this book, I have been blessed to work with some amazing people, without whom I could not have done this project. I would like to thank Ruthie Bently, the owner and consultant of Bently’s Beasties, with a background in canine and feline nutrition, for all the time and unconditional love she offered me. Without her organizational and typing skills, I could not have met my deadlines. To Mary Disney, thank you, you are my guardian angel and an amazing rock of support. Your constant smile and positive attitude brighten every day. To Dr. Kevin Schlanger, thank you for taking the time to help me write this book and for always being ready to be a guest on my radio show. I could not have written this cookbook without your help, time, and patience. To Larry Turner of Larry Turner and Associates, who has been with me since the beginning; your dry sense of humor and ability to remain calm in any situation have continuously led me in the right direction. To Freddie Goldberg, thank you for all the e-mails and phone calls and for calming me down on those few very stressful days. To Pam Mourouzis, the best editor I have ever had, thank you so very much for believing in me and always being there. To my friends and family, you know who you are. Thank you for helping me through this summer with your friendship, love, and humor when the going got tough! I can always count on you making me laugh and helping me get focused. To Anabella, Luca, and Nico Emquies, Tata wants to say thank you for my beach days and all the love you have given me all the time; next time don’t tell me the water is not cold! I love you forever and a day! To my grandmother, Ruth Koch, thank you; you are an inspiration at 88! To Hank and Molly, thank you; what a ride—nice to see where we are going! To my mom and dad, thank you, and I love you! And last but not least, to my three boys, Senny, Cappy, and Little Man, thank you for all your taste testing and sitting by my side for 16 hours some days, when we all know your bedtime is 8PM. I love you three so very much! I was blessed the day each of you came into my life! BARK ON!

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